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Amica BK3295.4DFVCOMAA Εντοιχιζόμενος Ψυγειοκαταψύκτης Total No Frost


Τιμή έκπτωσης €599,00 Κανονική τιμή €699,00

Ο φόρος συμπεριλαμβάνεται. Τα έξοδα αποστολής υπολογίζονται κατά την ολοκλήρωση της παραγγελίας.
-Cooling functions
-CoolManagement System, CoolBalance, AdaptZone, FlexOn
-Total NoFrost
-NoFrost in the freezer
-Humidity control drawer
-Quiet operation
-Eco function
-Vacation feature
-Super cooling function
-Super freeze function
-Door ajar alarm
-NoFrost in the fridge

-Accessories in the refrigerator Wine and cheese board with lid, SnackBox, Telescopic guides for 1 vegetable drawer
-Colorful drawers
-Egg stand
-Number of external doors 2
-Control Full InsideControl
-FlexiShelf 3
-Possibility to change the door opening direction [L/R]
-Compressor type Inverter
-Type of light source LED
-Product type FixSystem (BI)
-Vegetable and fruit container 2

-Line name X-Type
-Color White
-Net Depth 550mm
-Net width 540mm
-Net weight 63.5 kg
-Net height 1769mm
-Noise emission (dB(A) re 1 pW) 41 dB
-Energy class E
-Annual energy consumption 234.33 kWh
-Climatic class ST
-Interior lamp position - refrigerator Mountain
-Indoor lamp type - refrigerator LED
-Refrigerant R600a
-Total capacity 244L
-Freezer capacity 67L
-Refrigerator capacity 177L
-Storage time in the event of a power failure 10 hours
-Frequency 50 Hz
Life is too short to live without the Amica BK3295.4DFVCOMAA Εντοιχιζόμενος Ψυγειοκαταψύκτης Total No Frost. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 18, 2024